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for a new Challenge

Endow srl was founded in 2010 as a software production and development laboratory. From the meeting of three people began an adventure that aimed to create something beautiful, useful and above all different from what already existed. Its history intersects with the involvement of the most representative clients of the Italian public and private panorama.
It has evolved over the years to become a reference partner of the most important players in the field of ICT consultancy and software development.

Dynamic, flexible and innovative

Endow is a dynamic, flexible and innovative company. Three characteristics, as three are the founders: this is the number that accompanies the company in each definition. An approach to work that evolves daily, to keep up with the themes and even anticipate them. The growth in these years has been exponential, both from a numerical and dimensional point of view and from that of skills and competences. The company continues to grow because it bases its activity on necessity but above all on the desire to be always ready to face new challenges and to reach bigger and bigger goals.

Personalization, listening and creativity

Once again, three elements distinguish the customer approach: what Endow thinks, develops and implements is always a response to specific needs. This choice derives from the objective of satisfying all requests in a constant dialogue with the interlocutors. There are no two solutions perfectly equal and, for this reason, there are no two identical solutions, but only the uniqueness of a path of listening, ideation and customization

Accessibility, inclusiveness, intuitiveness

Always committed to ensuring and verifying, through specific tests, the full digital usability of the products or services provided – an essential requirement for those who work mainly with public administrations – Endow, in 2024, is deeply renewed and makes accessibility, value and input for the restyling of the brand.

If the WCAG system attributes three “A” for web content with the best accessibility, when talking about Endow you can not start from three “E”: making them rotate and cross, the logo is born, while for the typography the font was chosen “Inconstant”ideal because designed for perfect readability for anyone, even for people with difficulties such as dyslexia.